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You Can Now Get A 72-Count Mega Pack Of Pillsbury’s Halloween Sugar Cookies

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Halloween and I am so excited! This means it’s time to make some Halloween treats for friends and family and what could be easier than these Pillsbury Halloween Sugar Cookies!


In fact, you can get them in a mega pack that contains 72 sugar cookies! That’s plenty to share!


The mega pack of the Pillsbury Halloween Sugar Cookies comes with 48 Pumpkin sugar cookie dough pieces as well as 24 Ghost sugar cookie dough pieces for the spookiest baking fun!


There are 3 of the 11-ounce cartons, so you don’t need to bake them all in one day. You can totally spread out your baking over a few days.


The best part of using this for your Halloween holiday baking is it reduces your cleanup and prep time significantly! There is always time for baking when you let Pillsbury help!


Also, it’s worth noting that this dough is safe to eat raw, no need to wait until they are done baking to give them a taste! I’m known for living on the edge, but I don’t eat raw eggs!


You’ll be able to pick this 72-count mega pack of Pillsbury Halloween Sugar Cookie Dough up at your local BJ’s Wholesale Club for only $6.99! That’s a steal!


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