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Here’s Why You Should Watch ‘Forrest Gump’ On New Year’s Eve

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New Year’s Eve party? Not for this girl!!

I’m scoping out different ideas for New Year’s Eve that don’t include gobs of people dressing up in super fancy — read uncomfortable — clothes for the last evening of 2023.

One of my favorite movies EVER is Forrest Gump. Don’t judge.

I know, it’s now considered a classic, but it simply doesn’t get much better than Forrest, Jenny, Bubba, and Lieutenant Dan just trying to make their way through the ups and downs of America through the decades.

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And now, there are some genius people on social media who are pointing out the PERFECT New Year’s Eve activity that includes pajamas, your couch, and the movie Forrest Gump.

First, you want to pop yourself some popcorn, pour yourself your favorite bubbly adult beverage, and procure the best seat on your couch — preferably with your favorite cozy blanket.

Now, you need to find where to stream Forrest Gump — or you can go old school and pop in the DVD — I know about 90% of you own it!

You want to wait until the clock strikes about 10:30 pm on New Year’s Eve, and then get yourself all situated and ready.

Countdown to midnight? No!! More like, countdown to 10:38:57 pm!

If you start the movie at exactly 10:38:57 pm, you will actually be ringing in the New Year with Lieutenant Dan!!

Genius, right??

Who’s doing it with me?!?

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