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Bath & Body Works Is Finally Releasing Laundry Detergent Products and I’m so Excited

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Good things come to people who wait, and Bath & Body Works has made it clear that they have saved the best product release, for last!

That’s right, the soft scent smelling store is releasing yet another product that you’ll simply just want to sniff all day but it’s not a new lotion, perfume, or a candle.

Rather instead, Bath & Body works has to decided to dabble in what we typically call “a Sunday chore“.

Enter, laundry day.

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works most recently made the big announcement about finally releasing several laundry detergents to stores.

And better yet, the self-care chain isn’t just stopping at detergent but is also planning on releasing scent boosters to throw in your washer machine too!

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

So can we assume that we might be able to match our perfume with our laundry detergent?

However, if you do have a specific scent in mind that you would like to see debut, the brand is giving members a chance to vote on several scents!

From now until Memorial Day on May 29, Bath & Body Works members can vote on their favorite scent.

The top five scents that total the most votes will then become available to members only for early access.

So if you’ve been waiting for a sign to join their rewards program, this is that sign!

It looks like doing laundry will seem like less of chore come fall considering we’re all excited to try Bath & Body Works new laundry products!

Bath & Body Works plans to release the laundry detergent products and scent boosters come this fall!

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