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Glitter Beards Are This Year’s Hottest Holiday Trend and OMG There Is Going To Be Glitter Everywhere

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TIkTik is the app that has gotten most of us through this year. ANd for good reason. The short videos of comedy, thirst trapping, and even acting has been quite entertaining this year!

So, of course, leave it to the Beard Bros to bring us Christmas cheer at a whoooole new level…with glitter beards!


Oh yes, this is the it thing this season. You can love them or hate them, but at least appreciate them. I for one, love them. They are so…majestic looking!


Now there is one problem I am having with this whole competition. My husband is a part of it. And that means that I will be finding glitter in my home probably for the rest of my life.


But his looks majestic too so I can’t be too mad. I think. All I know is that the creativity this year is TOP NOTCH. I’ve heard of glitter beards before, but the competition that is going on has taken this to a whole new level!


It has even gotten so competitive that girls are starting to join…and they are ROCKING it!


So whether you want to sit back and watch the craziness happen or you want to join in, the glitter beard competition going on right now on TikTok is glorious. Just understand if you undertake this…glitter will be a part of your life forever.


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