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These Parents Played A Hilarious Prank On Their Son And I Can’t Stop Laughing

I’m always ready to play a great prank on the kids, and this one is HILARIOUS!

At our home, we are always pranking and scaring each other, it seems like I am usually the victim of these games and when I die of a heart attack you’ll know why.

This mom and dad pranked their son in one of the most hilarious ways last Thanksgiving and his reaction was so hilarious that it quickly went viral.

natashafelch TikTok

The caption on the TikTok video reads:

We can’t stop laughing

TikToker @natashafelch captioned the video. 

This was a perfectly hilarious harmless gross prank!

In the TikTok video, you can see the dad messing with the raw turkey, preparing it for cooking.

natashafelch – TikTok

The son is nearby and the mom asked her son the following:

Just tell me if it’s a boy or a girl turkey

the mother said to her son

The boy was obviously confused about how he could tell and told his mother that he didn’t know.

So she told him to look at the inside of the turkey, and he said that he couldn’t tell and didn’t know what the difference was.

This is when it gets hilarious!

natashafelch – TikTok

The dad pulls the neck of the turkey from the inside and the son starts gagging and wants to flee the scene!

Everyone is laughing and you can not help but laugh while you watch!

Is that his ding-dong-wala-wala-bing-bong? 

the son asks in the video

When he asks that question, the parents were overcome in hysterical laughter and that is contagious!

If you need a good laugh today, you can watch the TikTok video here.

natashafelch – TikTok