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Netflix’s New Movie Proves That Age is But A Number

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Netflix’s new movie proves that age is but a number.

In this inspiring film, the streaming platform’s new movie tells the true story of a 60 year-old retired swimmer on a mission to accomplish a goal that no one else has done before.

Starring Annette Bening as Diana Nyad and Jodie Foster as Bonnie Stoll, the two take on the role as a best friend duo throughout the film.

During the trailer, we see Bonnie Stoll not only as Diana’s best friend, but her coach too, as Diana has made it her goal at 60 years old to complete an incredibly difficult and record-breaking marathon swim.

Courtesy of @nyadmovie

As a sports journalist retired from marathon swimming, Diana puts all her focus and efforts on completing a 110-mile open ocean swim from Cuba to Florida.

That’s 60 hours of constant swimming.

Courtesy of @nyadmovie

Although naturally, there are doubts from others because of her gender as a woman and her age, but Diana doesn’t let that stop her.

Movie goers can watch the inspiring new movie NYAD, up on the big screen in select theatres October 20, or stream it later on Netflix come November 3.

Courtesy of @nyadmovie

You can also watch the passionate-driven, new trailer here.

Courtesy of @nyadmovie

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