You Can Get a 26 Foot Inflatable Christmas Tree You Can Put in Your Yard for The Holidays

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Just image your Christmas tree already decorated and wrapped in lights even before you cook the Thanksgiving turkey.

Thanks to online shopping, there’s no reason to leave your couch in the dead of winter to pick out a tree to cut down and better yet, it’s already decorated too!

And the best part? This Christmas tree doesn’t drop needles nor does it require watering or even any maintenance at all because this tree, is an inflatable one.

Courtesy of Amazon

So you can finally skip the part where you’re constantly sweeping up fallen needles or even having to separate the branches on an artificial one because this inflatable tree stays perfect all day everyday.

Courtesy of Amazon

Decorated in giant red and yellow ornaments with an even bigger shining star on top, this inflatable holiday tree is nearly 30 feet tall.

Courtesy of Amazon

26 feet to be exact, this whimsical Christmas tree is already dressed in ornaments so you don’t even have to decorate.

Courtesy of Amazon

Simply inflate, and watch the Christmas tree of your dreams come to life.

Courtesy of Amazon

You can currently find the enormous, 26 foot Christmas tree online at Amazon this holiday season.

Courtesy of Amazon

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