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Chris Hemsworth is Offering Free Virtual Workouts for the Next Four Weeks

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Oh My Gahhhhh…Um, I mean…I kind of REALLY need to work out.

I’ve just been sitting at this computer and that’s about it. Then I saw that Chris Hemsworth was offering free virtual workouts and I had this sudden urge to get physically fit!

You can get 4 weeks of virtual workouts for FREE in your own home (social distancing friendly!).

It is part of his workout course on his app Centr.


On his app, they have workouts, advice, recipes, and sleep meditations. I think I could use some sleep meditations too! With all of the stress happening around the world, exercise and meditation is probably perfect for us all!


Centr was founded to make health and happiness accessible to all, and I hope that this will make that access even easier during the current global health crisis.

Chris Hemsworth

So if you want to get in shape or maybe just watch (hey no judgment) you can sign up by clicking here!

Staying at home suddenly isn’t all that bad right?

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  1. I can’t seem to access the trial. Also are we obligated to continue after the 6weeks?

  2. Saying my card is declined. Nothing is wrong with my card. So is this bs? I downloaded the app it’s only a 7 day trial.

  3. Shame on you Chris & all the other snakes! Ssssss

  4. Yeah…..nope. This is just another BS ad scam, trying to profit off the corona virus — and at the same time pretending to be oh sooo altruistic!! Sound familiar anyone?

  5. Gonna be hard to concentrate on my workout if he’s gonna be one of the instructors…

  6. Any clues as to how to download this to get the 6 weeks?

  7. Eat ding Chris Hemsworth. Presenting this as a socially responsible offering when it is just a sales gimmick sucks. You’ve lost cred in my ? or, as they say in the Outback, F&$k off!

  8. I don’t see a free 6 week trial option. What do i select to get that.

  9. do we have to put our cridit card infor for 6 weeks trail

    1. Yes. You wont be charged until after the 6 weeks. $119.00 discouted price right now for a year.

      1. Declining my card for no reason. Why?

  10. See I love it when people try to help people loose weight. I would actually like to try these workouts because I am having to stay in doors more and I’m just starting to loose weight anything can help me or anyone that is in the same boat

  11. So proud of people like this , offering free help for fitness and overall health during these difficult times. Well done Chris.

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