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You Can Make Money By Not Touching Your Phone While Driving

Okay, so everyone I know has been talking about this app (On My Way) where you make money basically just for not texting or playing on your phone while driving, and I thought they were all crazy.

On My Way is an app that pays you for safe driving

You can click here to download the On My Way app. (Oh, and by using this affiliate link you will start with $10.00 already on your account!)

Using this app called On My Way, you can earn money for not touching your phone while driving

In a week, I’ve earned this much.

On mY Ways pays you for not touching your phone while driving, making you a much safer driver

It will either take you straight to the app store to download, or if you’re on a desktop, you can send yourself a text with a link to the app.

On My Way is a driving safty app that pays you cash for not touching your phone while driving

You click “get started” and… well, you get started.

The big thing that trips a lot of people up is that you have to scan your driver’s license. I checked it out though, and it’s on the up and up.

On my Way requires you to scan your drivers license to set up the app

Once you finish, all you have to do is set it to always track your location in your phone and then you are GOOD TO GO.

setting up the On my Way app only takes  afew simple steps until you're earning money

Even if you don’t drive a ton, you can use some of the links in the app to make purchases and earn that way.

there are many ways to earn cash on On My Way when you aren't driving

Yes, you CAN make money doing this. It’s super simple! Download the app here.

drive safer and earn cash with the safe driving app On mY Way

Drive safe ?

Scott M Riley

Monday 27th of January 2020

You can't make any real money by using this app. The only way to make money on this app is to refer 250 people.