You Can Get A Mickey Mouse Car Air Freshener That Is Covered In Rhinestones and I Need One

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You can get a blinged out Mickey Mouse Head Car Air Freshener, and you BEST BELIEVE I just added it to my cart!

You can get it in purple or white (clear?), and you get TWO air freshener holders for one price.

I don’t know about you, but I’m missing all things Disney right now. I have been having some major Mickey withdrawals.


It’s not like I pack up and go to Disney World on the weekends, but it’s a whole lot different knowing I can’t, even if I want to, AMIRITE?!?


So, because I miss the mouse, and because I am buying entirely too much on the internet lately, I went to Amazon, and totally got the purple Mickey Head Car Air Freshener!

Each Mickey comes with one air freshener, but you can buy refills right on the same listing. You can get 2 refills for $10.


You get 2 Mickey Mouse Head Car Air Fresheners for $20. WORTH IT!! That is by far, the least expensive Mickey car accessory I have. Ha!

This sparkly air freshener holders are fulfilled by Amazon, so you can take advantage of prime shipping with this deal!

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