Take A Pack of Multicultural Crayons In To Your Kid’s School To Show Kids They All Matter

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White, peach, brown and black were the colors you used to color in a drawing of a person when I was a kid. And that was fine if you were one of those colors, but there are so many kids who just aren’t.

Skin color is something we need to celebrate. Kids need to know they matter, and they need to be able to draw a picture of their family or a self portrait without having to get creative.

School is already hard enough. There are already plenty of reasons for kids to feel like they don’t belong. The LAST place they need to feel less than is in their school supplies.

So, I have a plan. I picked up these multicultural crayons to drop off at the local elementary school. (If you’re super lazy like me and don’t want to hunt for them, you can grab them off amazon here.)

Think about it. With a couple of dollars and like five minutes of my time, I can make a kid feel like they’re IN the box of crayons.

I can make them feel like they’re a part of something.

And I am not the only one doing it. People everywhere are making sure that kids will see their skin color when they open up a box of crayons.


Oh, by the way, they make multicultural markers, too.

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