Disney Springs Is Reopening On May 20th And Here’s Everything We Know

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It’s happening!! The first phase of, what could be, the opening of Disney World is happening on May 20th!

Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, has plans to open some of their third-party retail and eating establishments — and I’m SO freaking excited!


— a limited number of shopping and dining experiences that are owned by third-party operating participants will begin to open during this initial phase. The rest of Walt Disney World Resort will remain closed, including theme parks and resort hotels.

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It’s not going to be exactly the same Disney Springs that we are used to, however.


First of all, Disney Springs is going to be open on a much smaller scale than normal. Not EVERY establishment will be opened, but SOME of them will, and that’s all that matters at this point!


In keeping with increased safety measures, you will see Cast Members and guests, alike, wearing face masks, as this is our “new normal” for the moment.

There will be stringent limits on parking, and how many people are let into Disney Springs at one time.


Cast Members are going to have to go through additional training, as strict cleaning and sanitation is going to have to take place on a consistent basis.


Given this unprecedented situation, we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate through this process as responsibly as we can.

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It is important to note that more restrictions could be put into place prior to Disney Springs opening. Before you head out to do your Disney shopping and eating (I could really go for some Wolfgang Puck’s right about now!), you will want to check DisneySprings.com for updates.


You will also want to take into consideration the fact that Disney theme parks and resort hotels are going to remain CLOSED at this time. *Sad Face*

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