Kanye West Begged To Have His Family Back As Julia Fox Calls Him Her ‘Boyfriend’

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This is such a strange, tangled web of love if you ask me…

So, as you know, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce nearly a year ago and she seems to have moved on with dating Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian

In fact, just recently, Kim shared the real reason behind her divorce from Kanye and it entirely makes sense…

Even Kanye seemed like he moved on too since he began dating Julia Fox to the point where even she has publicly called Kanye her “boyfriend”.


Julia appeared on Spotify’s Call Her Daddy podcast where she said, “I call him my boyfriend and he calls me his girlfriend.” However, she said there has not been an official conversation.


But now, Kanye seems to be doing that thing again where he publicly begs/pleas to have Kim Kardashian and his family back so all of this is just painful to watch.

Reminder you, this is all after Kanye has been publicly criticizing Kim Kardashian and even saying things like she is keeping him away from their kids…

Kanye posted on Instagram with the photo below saying:



And on one hand, I get it. He wants his family back together and divorce is so hard on everyone.

BUT you cannot go around publicly bashing the mother of your children then say things like this and expect her to come back with open arms. Sorry it doesn’t work like that.


Not to mention, this is a total slap in the face to Julia Fox but honestly, she seems to be the rebound girl and that sucks.


Nonetheless, this divorce between Kim and Kanye seems to be getting messier by the minute and I just hope they can figure it out before it really affects their kids…

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