This Low Impact Elliptical Can Be Used While You Sit On The Couch And Chill

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Finally!! A low-impact elliptical I can do — while I sit on my couch and watch all the Netflix shows!

This Cubii Pro is MY kind of exercise machine. You have to check this out!

It is bluetooth enabled, so it syncs with your iPhone, Android, Fitbit Smart Band, or Apple kit.

You can track steps taken, calories burned, and distance you’ve gone. SO, you can totally set a goal, and the CRUSH it.


You can use this while you watch TV on the couch, under your desk while you work, in a chair while you read, under the table while you eat dinner — I might even be doing it RIGHT NOW!


Y’all, this is small enough, it can legit fit in a corner or in a closet while you aren’t using it, and be out of the way. It isn’t like a big, clunky elliptical you have to stand on to use.

Whisper quiet, the Cubii Pro seated stepper is near silent in use. It won’t disturb your colleagues, or have you struggling to hear the TV!


The Cubii also has EIGHT resistance levels, so you can challenge yourself to work just a little bit harder.


You can get your Cubii right on the Amazon website. It will run you $350, and it is the BEST piece of workout equipment you will ever own, IMHO.


It is GREAT for rehabbing — when you can’t use the full elliptical — been there, done that!


Cubii also gets MORE THAN 4 stars on Amazon, with over 800 people reviewing the exercise machine!! That’s amazeballs!


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