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McDonald’s Has A New KitKat McFlurry With Pink Chocolate And I Need It Now

I LOVE McFlurries! That is, if the ice cream machine is working when I go to McDonalds (yes, I’m throwing a little shade). Ice cream is my favorite dessert and Kit-Kats are my favorite type of candy so this has my heart SOARING.

The M&M McFlurry has always been my go to. I personally haven’t been a fan of the oreo one…but THIS? This I can wrap my head around…and kind of wonder why they haven’t done one like this sooner.

Meet the new Kit-Kat McFlurry. It comes with pink chocolates and a raspberry swirl. I feel as though my life is now complete.

Except that it’s NOT. For now, this is only available in Germany. Ugh. Why do they do this to us. Someone start a petition please. I need this in my life. Now.

Until then, I guess I’ll have to stay content with my M&M McFlurry. But I AM looking forward to trying this new, delicious Kit-Kat Birthday Cake Bar. That’ll have to hold me over for now.