You Can Get An Entire Box of Dunkin’ Donut-Flavored Filled Chocolates Just in Time for The Holidays

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Life is like a box of chocolates… or whatever Forest Gump said.

That’s exactly what came to mind when I saw that you can now get a box of Dunkin’ Chocolates that are donut-flavored filled chocolates.

Just in time for the holidays, this box of chocolates will make the perfect gift.

This 5 oz box of Dunkin Box O’ Chocolates comes with 3 different flavors including: Boston Kreme, Brownie Batter, and White Chocolate Buttercream.

Frankford Candy presents Dunkin’s classic Munchkin box with a surprise twist, it’s filled with 5 ounces of chocolates! This mini Box O’ Chocolates comes assorted with three different iconic Dunkin’ flavors. All pieces of chocolate have a delicious creamy filling on the inside of them. Bring this great surprise in to the office or wow at the holiday parties! This unique treat also makes a great gift to friends, family, neighbors, kids, adults, and the munchkin donut fan!

I don’t know about you, but I am off to get myself some for the holidays.

You can find these Dunkin’ Box O’ Chocolates now at your local grocery store and on Amazon here. They are around $7 a box.

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