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McDonald’s Is Welcoming Back the Fan-Favorite Oreo Frappé and I’m On Way There

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We all know that the McDonald’s drive-thru is a popular area to visit when it comes to lunch, but now the golden arches are also competing to be the first pitstop you think of when you need your caffeine fix.

So in order to do just that, the fast food chain is bringing back an iconic coffee order that will have you passing by a Starbucks or Dunkin’ and stopping in at the McDonald’s drive-thru instead.

And the frappe to do it, would be the famous Oreo Frappé!

McDonald’s officially welcomes back the creamy and delicious Oreo flavored frappe and we can’t help but think that Starbucks and Dunkin’ might be less busier than normal during the morning rush.

Courtesy of @snackbetch

Featuring a coffee that idolizes the cookie we typically we dunk in milk, this McCafe order combines mocha flavoring, coffee, and Oreo cookie pieces that are blended together with ice.

The drink is then finished with whipped cream and a few more Oreo chunks for good luck.

Courtesy of @dr.anumshabir

Not to mention this speciality coffee is perfect to sip on to cool you down during the dog days of summer.

Courtesy of @McDonaldsETN

Now while we know this may not have been the menu item you were hoping for to return at McDonald’s, (cough cough, the Snack Wrap) but let’s just say that the Oreo Frappé, might just be as good of a return!

And for that we say thank you to McDonald’s.

Courtesy of @dr.anumshabir

Who knew that McDonald’s would be the new go-to chain to pick up your coffee during your morning commute!

The Oreo Frappé returns to menus this month only at McDonald’s.

Here’s hoping the drink is here to stay and not just for a limited-time only.

Courtesy of @twin.kle04

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