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Target is Selling A Movie Screening Kit That Comes With Everything You Need to Watch Movies Outdoors

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Movie theatres are great until you can’t see the screen or when you can’t hear the dialogue from the crowd sitting next to you.

So ditch the theatre seats and make your own popcorn at home because you can now bring the big screen to your own backyard!

Thanks to this Movie Screening Kit that includes everything you need to watch films outdoors, you can now watch your favorite movie(s) in the comfort of your own home, I mean the backyard.

Courtesy of Target

The kit itself features a movie projector screen, rope, and clips to securely tie all four corners of the white screen so your movie doesn’t blow away before the finale on a windy day.

So the only thing that’s left for a movie night outdoors is the projector, but that’s the only thing you’ll need to supply when it comes time for movie Monday in the summer.

Of course any decorations including string lights, blankets, and chairs are up to you!

Might we suggest soft-toned string lights, fluffy bean bag chairs, and a popcorn machine for bottomless buttered popcorn!

Courtesy of Target

It’ll be like the drive-in theatre except in your own backyard!

And not to mention this movie screen is big enough for a large crowd to see!

Courtesy of Target

Better yet, the best part about this outdoor movie kit is that it doesn’t break the bank.

So step outside the living room and join the party outdoors!

Courtesy of Target

You can currently find the Movie Screening Kit at Target for less than $20!

Consider the start of summer the day you set up the Movie Screening Kit!

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