Sam’s Club Is Selling Popcorn Coated In Twix Candy For The Ultimate Movie Night Snack

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Twix, the delicious cookie and caramel candy bar with that chocolate coating just fell into a bag of popcorn, and the result is heaven.

Credit: Sam’s Club

Sam’s Club is excluively selling this sweet creation, and you can bet I’m in my car driving there now.

My go-to snack is a bag of slightly salty popcorn. It just satisfies all the pleasure centers in my brain space.

If my sweet tooth is screaming to be fed, you can bet I will reach for a Twix. It’s the perfect amount of crunch and chocolate to make me smile. Have you ever tried a frozen Twix? Life changing!

Put the popcorn and Twix TOGETHER? That’s next level right there! They even drizzled some chocolate and caramel on the popcorn. OUT OF THIS WORLD, good!

I don’t know what genius created this, but I’d like to give them a standing ovation and buy them a cup of coffee.

This Candy Pop Popcorn made with Twix satisfies every one of my late-night-binge cravings. Not just my late-night cravings, this is good for my all-the-time cravings.

You can get this Candy Pop Popcorn with Twix EXCLUSIVELY at Sam’s Club for $5.98. There’s no better reason to start a membership there.

Sam’s Club is ON POINT right now! They have the exclusive Twix Popcorn, but they ALSO exlusively have this Frank’s RedHot Buffalo Chicken Dip. Dinner and Dessert!

Seriously. Get to Sam’s Club. Get all the yummy things. Let us know what great finds you come across!

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