5 Last Minute Must-Haves For Your Memorial Day Gathering

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Disclosure: This is post sponsored by Popsicle®. The opinions expressed remain my own.

Can you believe how close we are to Memorial Day? This is the weekend that kicks off summer and that is something I think everyone can be excited about. With just a few days to go, I wanted to share 5 Last Minute Must-Haves For Your Memorial Day Gathering that will help make it great!

5 Last Minute Must-Haves For Your Memorial Day Gathering

  1. Good food – Of course you cannot have a gathering without good food. Surely, many take to firing up the grill and making loads of hamburgers and hot dogs but keep in mind you can even provide finger foods like sandwiches, salads, and fruit to make it easy. It is also my fool-proof way to keep the clean-up and mess at a minimum. Besides the less time you spend cooking, the more you can spend it making memories with friends and family.
  2. Entertainment – Any get together gets that much better with some entertainment. Some of my personal favorites is to include music playing from my portable wireless speaker, card and board games, and if the weather allows, even water fun games like water balloons, squirt guns, etc. I’ve always wanted to play a game of tug of war over an inflatable pool of gelatin or something similar, doesn’t that sound fun?
  3. Red, White & Blue Decor – We must remember the real reason of Memorial Day which is a day to remember the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. Because of this, we simply cannot have a Memorial Day gathering without Americana colored decor including napkins, cups, utensils, plates, serving dishes, etc.
  4. Provide a way to keep things cool – Depending on where you live, Memorial Day can be pretty warm (even hot) so if you plan to enjoy the outdoors, you’ll want a way to keep you and your guests cool. Air conditioning, outdoor fans, outdoor misters, and even frozen treats are some of my favorite ways to keep things cool. Tip: You can keep frozen treats frozen by placing them in a large cooler filled with ice or even small insulators so they don’t melt!
  5. The Perfect Outfit – You’ve prepared for a fun gathering but have you prepared for what you are going to wear? I personally like to check the weather forecast and plan my outfit around that.  Since we are expecting it to be a bit hot this Memorial Day, I am looking for lighter fabrics that allow my skin to breathe. Bonus if it has red, white, blue or anything relating to summer on it!

Kick Off Summer In A Cool Way

Now that you’ve armed yourself with some last-minute must-haves for your Memorial Day gathering, it’s time to start thinking ahead for Summer. If your kids are not out of school they will be soon and that means lots of hot days are ahead! Personally, I prepare myself with outdoor toys, games and goodies so my kiddos can enjoy the summer in a pleasant way. One of my favorite ways to help keep them cool is with Popsicle® pops. Popsicle® comes in a variety of bright, bold colors and flavors to make summer time fun (and cool). We always like to keep an iconic yellow box of Orange, Cherry Grape Popsicle® pops in our freezer.

We even recently found this fun box of Despicable Me Popsicle® pops with lemonade and blue raspberry flavors. YUM! My kids love Minions so they just adored these!

Just the other day we went outside to enjoy a Popsicle® and my boys loved trying the different flavors. I loved that if they made a delicious mess, it was outside. It also gave me a reason to try on my new shirt that was inspired by the bold and bright colors of Popsicle®. It’s that light and cool material I was talking about earlier so it will be perfect for our upcoming Memorial Day Barbecue with friends and family. This top is part of a limited and exclusive line at Macy’s that features men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing and accessories. As part of the Macy’s “Celebrate Summer” campaign, the INC + Popsicle collection is priced from $20 – $130 and available for purchase through Macy’s stores and online.

Cute, right? And look at this matching purse! It just screams SUMMER! I cannot wait to rock this entire outfit this summer because who wouldn’t want to wear this? If you know me at all then you know I am all about the bright, colorful prints so this line is right up my alley! 

All I can say is that Summer is coming and you will want to have everything Popsicle in your life. From frozen Popsicle® pops to the INC + Popsicle Summer Collection at Macy’s, you will have everything you need to rock this summer while keeping cool.

Disclosure: This is post sponsored by Popsicle®. The opinions expressed remain my own.

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