Apple Says You Should Update Your iPhone Immediately. Here’s Why.

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If you currently have an iPhone or an iPad, clean out your ears because this is important.

Apple is urging all of their customers who are currently using an iPhone or an iPad to update their apple products immediately.

The reason being is Apple prefers everyone who uses an iPhone or one of their iPads to update as soon as possible to fix security bugs that may have already been exploited by hackers.

On Apple’s support page, the company quotes three security flaws “may have been actively exploited” which targeted WebKit, the web browser engine used by Safari and Kernel, the core of iOS.

The good news is that hacker would need to exploit further bugs for the hack to work and since Apple does not “disclose security issues until investigations have occurred and patches or releases are available”, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry ladies and gentlemen.

Once you have unlocked your iPhone, you can check under “General” and then “Software Update” where the new iOS 14.4 software will be available to download for protection against any hacking.

Apple urges everyone using an iPhone 6s and later to update to the newest software ASAP.

Individuals with the iPad Air 2 and later, the iPad Mini 4 and later, and the iPod Touch 7th generation all need to be updated to the newest release of Apple’s software immediately.

So excuse me while I go do that.

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