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You Can Get A Hanging Bat That Hugs Your Favorite Flower Pot and It’s So Cute

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This Bat Plant Pot Hugger is giving us all the Halloween vibes, and we love it!

It’s just what you never knew you needed to keep your plants company.


You can easily use this Bat Plant Pot Hugger as a Halloween decoration — or — an everyday decoration if you live for Halloween 24/7 (like me!!).

It’s made of resin, and is about 5 inches from feet to snout — just perfect to make people flinch and wonder if it’s real. LOL!!


Made of high quality resin materials, this bat statue is sun-proof, anti-freeze and durable, so can be used for a long time.

Acehorticulturalinks on Etsy

Move over Dracula, there’s a new bat in town, and it’s wicked cool!!

I love that this little Bat dude grabs onto the side of your favorite flower or plant pot with its toes, and hangs upside down. Super realistic.


The perfect addition to my dahlia pot in my garden. Thank you again!

Etsy Reviews

This Bat Plant Pot Hugger is small enough to throw in a box with your stored Halloween decorations, but really, you’re going to want to keep him up all year long.

He would look absolutely perfect hanging from a carnivorous plant, wouldn’t he?!? Kind of wicked cool!

carnivorous_carnival / Acehorticulturalinks

This Bat Plant Pot Hugger is less than $20, and would make the perfect ‘Welcome to Halloween’ present for your BFF.

It also ships for FREE, which is just about my favorite thing ever!!


I need to get one for each one of my Halloween-loving besties. They are going to freak.

To get your own Bat Plant Pot Hugger, simply head on over to the Acehorticulturalinks shop on Etsy.


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