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This Carnivorous Plant Will Take Care Of Your Fruit Fly, Gnats, and Mosquito Problem

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Did you know there is a plant that you can keep right inside your house that will kill gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitos?

This plant is pretty much the coolest!

The butterwort is a carnivorous succulent plant that can actually take care of your pesky flying bug probs.

Butterworts attract insects to their greasy and sticky foliage, only for the poor bugs to end up trapped on the leaf surfaces and then digested.

Gardener’s Patch

Rosanne Becker, on TikTok, made a video of her butterwort actually actively catching the bugs, and if it wasn’t so useful it would be kind of gross. LOL!!

She says that the butterwort totally won her over when she found out it will catch fruit flies and fungus gnats, and I can see why.

The bugs were sticking right to the leaves, and it was totally amazing.

I want one of these butterwort plants in my kitchen right now!

Its bright yellow-green leaves excrete a sticky fluid that attracts unsuspecting insects; once trapped, the leaves slowly curl around their prey and digest it.

The Wildlife Trusts

These butterwort plants are not toxic to animals, either. But, that doesn’t mean you want your fur baby to go around chomping on the green leaves. You want to protect the plant so it can do its job.

They are also relatively easy to grow. They just need partial sunlight and pure water. Treat them right, and they can flower two times a year.

The butterworts love water, but they don’t like to sit in sopping wet soil. It can rot, and you don’t want that. Make sure there is a drain at the bottom of its container, and keep the soil damp to the touch. If it’s dry, it’s time to water!

Wondering where to get a butterwort plant for yourself? Just head on over to the Amazon website, and check them out!

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