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Mosquitos Bugging You? Here Are 10 Solutions That Actually Work!

It’s that time of year again…sunny days, splashing in the pool, bar-b-ques with the neighbors, and, of course, mosquitos. It’s like those little jerks know when we’re starting to have a good time and can’t wait to ruin it by sucking the life out of us. Plus, with worries of West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and just the general ick factor of smacking one and having it splatter all over your arm the only reasonable thing to do is plan ahead and get rid of these flying beasties before they ever have a chance to land.

But how?


Of course, we all know to watch out for standing water: Cover pools, keep buckets and other objects clear of rain water. And avoid being outside during dusk (when mosquitos apparently take their steroid shots and go out to party). But if you’re looking for a nuclear option it’s time to whip out some chemical warfare. The biggest problem, though, is trying to figure out which ones work, and which ones are the best options for your family and your outdoor living situation.

Because we here at Totally The Bomb are givers (and because we all turn into pool babies the second the temperature rises above 85), we’ve compiled a list of 10 solutions that will keep you outside and mosquito-free(ish) all summer long.

mosquito bugging you at the pool

Ten Mosquito Ridding Solutions That Actually Work

If you’re looking for a portable, non-wearable option, the ThermaCell Mosquito Repellant portable device is perfect. It gives a 15’x15′ area of protection. Perfect for ball games, public pools, camping, or anywhere where you’ll be stationary.

Or who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned bug zapper? Sittin’ on the front porch, drinkin’ a beer and listenin’ to those bugs getting zapped is a staple of southern entertainment…or maybe that’s just what my mom told me while I was growing up. Still, these devices can offer over an acre of coverage, so if you’re cool with cleaning up the carcasses once it gets full, this is a great option.

Where will you be when your bug-spray wears off? No worries as long as you’re wearing this wearable mosquito band. No spray, no deet, no worries…this band can be worn by the entire family, or even strapped to a bag or stroller for protection on the go.

If you aren’t a fan of zappers, but need significant outdoor coverage, a mosquito trap is the way to go. It emits carbon dioxide to draw mosquitos into the trap and will noticeably reduce the population, and all but rid you of those pests in no time.

Another great whole yard option is a fogger. Within five minutes of fogging the yard, the entire family can come out and enjoy the space for up to six hours, free of all flying insects.

mosquitos at the park

Bring out your inner hippie and burn some citronella incense for protection that’ll last up to three hours per stick. Not only do they smell fantastic, they work better than almost anything out there. Plus, the essential oils are safe to have around family, plants, and animals alike.

Aerosol sprays can be not-the-best solution on windy days or for people with respiratory ailments, but this pump action spray might be perfect for anyone who wants body coverage, but not a nostril full of spray.

Or for an even more directed approach, check out these repellent body wipes. They’re perfect for stuffing into a backpack or diaper bag, won’t spill (or spray) all over everything else, and you can wipe them exactly where you want.

New to the world of pest control, but possibly the coolest thing ever, these light bulbs act as both a mosquito zapper AND a light bulb. They can be used inside or out, and they’re perfect for balcony’s or sitting on the back porch. No separate cage to hang, these do all the work of light and death. Muahahahaha…

Last, but definitely not least, nothing makes me feel like a crappier parent than a mosquito bite on a baby. And when they’re so little, it’s hard Want to put chemicals on their delicate little skin…even to protect them. Well, fret no more! Baby mosquito nets are absolutely the best. You can get them for strollers, playpens, cribs, and more. Best part, no chemicals. Just straight up blockage. No bites on baby, and no chemicals, either!

mosquito bite baby

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