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Mother’s Frosted Sugar Cookies Come In Xs And Os That Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

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Do you have a certain snack that reminds you of childhood? You know the one I’m talking about — it brings pure comfort to even just think about it.

Courtesy of Target

For me, that snack food is Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies! Those frosted pink and white sugar cookie circus animals, complete with beads of round little sprinkles thrown in for extra crunch and flavor.

Courtesy of Target

Well, Mother’s Cookies is making sure we have plenty of love this Valentine’s Day, by bringing us Xs and Os made out of those tasty sugar cookies, coated in pink and white frosting.

Yum, right?!?!


These Xs and Os come in a cute, giftable, 3-ounce, heart-shaped box, so there is no need even to wrap it!!


Of course, these special Valentine’s Day Cookies aren’t going to be around forever. They are a limited batch, which means you better get your hands on them quickly!

Courtesy of Target

The heart-shaped box even has a spot to write a “To” and “From” — so you can simply fill it out, and give it to the one you love!!

OR — you can just skip filling out the “To” and “From” section, and gift them to yourself! That is the BEST kind of gift, AMIRITE?!?


There are multiple reports that you can find these tasty cookie-filled boxes at Target, but I’m not sure if they are exclusive to Target. It’s highly possible, as I haven’t been able to find them at any other locations.


These would make the most PERFECT gifts for kids to hand out at school for Valentine’s Day — if your school is participating in a Valentine’s Day gift exchange this year.

There are even SOME reports that these cookie Xs and Os come in giftable pouches!! How cool is that?!?

If you are looking for another fun Valentine’s Day treat, look no further than this Love Bug Frappuccino of the Starbucks Secret Menu!

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