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Today we would like to welcome our very special guest host, Hallecake. We love Everything Halle does and we’re so happy she decided to pop in.

What’s Up, Cake Lovers? Hallecake here from bringing you 20 Fun Foods for Picky Eaters. A lot of you don’t know me, but I’ve got my own kids show over on YouTube and I love showing kids and parents fun cooking posts, science, and crafts, as well as sharing a little bit about my crazy life. Since summer has officially started for a lot of you, I wanted to bring you a little bit of what I do and hopefully inspire you to make food fun. That’s all from me! Keep eating cake and pop on over to Facebook to say hi and tell me what you think!

20 fun foods for picky eaters


20 Fun Foods for Picky Eaters

  1. Kids and turtles love pizza, but it isn’t always healthy. That’s why this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fruit Pizza is so much fun! It’s pizza but also good for kids!
  2. Inside Out S’Mores are so much fun for those rainy summer weekends. Can’t go camping? It’s okay because you can still have the s’mores.
  3. This Fairy Sandwich is as cute as can be with its little heart cut-out. Your picky kids will love it and you’ll love watching them gobble it down.
  4. No need to rush snack time! For those days you want to take it slow, check out this Snail Snack. It’s perfectly healthy and perfectly fun.
  5. Draculaura Popsicles are a cool and awesome treat for any hot summer day. Monster High fans will love how awesome these look.
  6. Do you have an Avenger’s fan? Try this Hulk Punch recipe! It’s great for parties, but also for fun staycation type weekends.
  7. Taquito Pencils are super tasty but also really cute. Finicky eaters everywhere can play with their food before they sit down to chow down.
  8. These School Book Sandwiches are so cute for kids who are in school, and for those who aren’t there yet. Take a bite out of education with these.
  9. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Apple Snack is the kind of snack that picky eaters will love to chomp. Plus, it’s easy enough for little cake lovers to help make it!
  10. Next time you want your kids to try bran muffins, make them these Groot Muffins instead. After all, even picky kids will agree that WE ARE GROOT.
  11. Lunchtime doesn’t have to be a fight when you’re serving up this sweet Corn Dog Butterfly. It’s an entire meal in one cute little package.
  12. Minecraft Lava Punch is another awesome party favorite, and perfect for the Minecraft fan in your house. Plus, it has fruit in it so you’ll both be happy.
  13. Don’t wait for Halloween to break out the scary snacks. These Spooky Eyeballs are silly fun year round and so much fun for kids to help make. Do this one together and then enjoy eating it together.
  14. Minecraft Creeper Rice Krispy Treats are another favorite for Minecraft fans. They’ll be gone before you can say Sssss…Sssss…BOOM.
    20 fun foods for picky eaters
  15. A great outside summer snack are these Mario Kart Rainbow Road Popsicles. They are super colorful and your picky eater will have several flavors to choose from so there will definitely be something in there they love.
  16. Ahoy, Cake Lovers! This Pirate Snack is like booty from the high seas, but made of cheese. Yes, I made that rhyme and your picky kids will ask for this one all the time. Hee.
  17. So I should admit…I really like Minecraft. Last on our list of punch favorites, we’ve got Minecraft Creeper Punch. This one is another really fun party treat, but don’t wait for a party to have a good time. Serve this up any time you want to have fun.
  18. Monster Apple Faces are ghoulishly silly and such a fun way to get picky eaters to enjoy their food. How many faces can you come up with?
  19. Summertime brings out all sorts of silliness, including these Pretzel Pop Snakes. My mom isn’t a big fan of snakes, but even she thought these were awesome. Your picky eater won’t know what hit them!
  20. And last but definitely not least, for Sims lovers everywhere we have Sims Plumbob S’Mores. These are awesome because they are s’mores and Sims in one, plus they’re fun to make, plus they just taste so great.

Your picky eaters are going to love these 20 fun foods! Do you have a favorite fun food recipe? Or a great way to make meals and snack time more fun? Send me your suggestions on my Facebook page. Bye for now, Cake Lovers!

20 fun foods for picky eaters

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