A ‘Jaws’ Remake Is Coming and I Cannot Contain My Excitement

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Summer and sharks just go hand-in-hand. Everything from watching the 1975 Jaws movie while night swimming to Shark week is enough to get us all excited about those razor sharp teeth.

But now, we’ve heard rumors that a A Jaws Remake Is Coming This Summer and I Cannot Contain My Excitement!


As rumors have it, there is a Jaws remake happening soon.

While it’s being said that Steven Spielberg will not write or direct it, he will be an executive producer for the show.


James Cameron is actually supposed to be the brilliant writer and director behind this iconic water-feared monster movie.

What’s interesting is that there hasn’t been a whole lot of talk of this remake yet and it’s supposed to be released soon!

Originally, it was said it would be filmed and ready for release this summer but since we haven’t heard anything and it’s summer, the chances of that happening are slim.

“We’ve got a killer script and we’re eager to start shooting. We’re taking a lot of inspiration from the original and the main characters are all essentially the same. We’re just going to set it in modern times and utilize some of the technology we have available now but didn’t back in the 70s. For example, there’s one guy who is famous for taking Instagram photos of shark attacks and he gets eaten alive. Another girl is bitten in half as she’s trying to snapchat a picture of Jaws and a kid playing Pokemon Go wanders into deep water and gets his legs chewed off. This version is not so much about the dangers of the natural world, it’s more about the dangers of using your iPhone around man-eating animals. “

A studio spokesman

Although the cast hasn’t been finalized, rumors have been spreading like wildfire that Daniel Day-Lewis is already preparing for a role.

Want more details on what we know about this so far? Check out the video below.


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  1. Contain your exitement it’s not happening jaws is not getting a remake fake news not real you would have already seen a trailer for the movie it were true

  2. You obviously havent seen Jaws and arent genuinely excited about a remake. This film cannot be remade, especially set in modern times. That’s what made this film what it is. It was the time when it was made, a time where a summer blockbuster didnt exist, a time when we didnt know that much about sharks. It just wouldnt work or be the same. You will never recapture that lightning in a bottle that was a perfect storm of imperfections.

  3. being excited over yet another remake….how basic you must be.

  4. This article is a complete and utter farce, probably got its info from something useless like wegotthiscovered

  5. This…This is nothing but rumour.

    And, it would be the most f*cked up thing Hollywood has ever done; since it thought a remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street” would really work!!!

    I say no…And, shame on you, Brittanie for even thinking that this was a good idea.

    “JAWS” is art…You DON’T remake art!!!

    1. @A.P. Padilla,
      I couldn’t have said it better myself. If done in modern times, who knows what actors would play the parts and the setting etc. you can’t replace that I don’t care how good you are, it would take away JAWS. Steven Spielberg said it right: no remake and I hope no one does it because they would ruin it for everyone!

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