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Disney Announced ‘Encanto’ Is Now Going To Be A Franchise And I’m So Happy

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It might be time to Talk About Bruno, because it looks like he — and the rest of the Madrigal family — are here to stay!


Disney has announced that Encanto is now going to be a full-fledged franchise and that means there’s a lot more Encanto to come.

What does that mean?


Think about Marvel, Frozen, and Toy Story — those are all Disney franchises. There’s tons of merchandise, movie sequels, maybe even animated series on Disney+ involved with these franchises.

Now, Encanto will be among the few and the chosen — and it couldn’t have happened to a better film!


We’ve had a very strong start to the fiscal year, with a significant rise in earnings per share, record revenue and operating income at our domestic parks and resorts, the launch of a new franchise with Encanto, and a significant increase in total subscriptions across our streaming portfolio to 196.4 million, including 11.8 million Disney+ subscribers added in the first quarter…

Bob Chapek, Walt Disney Company CEO

Encanto was first released to theaters — where it had a very lukewarm reception.


THEN, it appeared on Disney+, and BOOM!! Encanto took off to become the mega hit that we all are FULLY aware it has become.

The Encanto soundtrack — done by Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) — is now OFFICIALLY more popular than the OG Frozen original score.


I couldn’t get “Let It Go” out of my head for like a year!! And, the Encanto soundtrack is even MORE popular than Frozen ever was!!

If you are alive, you have probably heard “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” This song is the “Let It Go” of 2022! It has stormed up the charts.


While this song is the major break out song of the movie, if you haven’t heard the whole soundtrack, get yourself on Amazon Prime and listen to it!! It is soooo stink’in good!!

One thing is definitely for sure — we are going to see a ton of the Madrigal family in the future!


Anyone else hoping there will be a sequel, where we get to see the other rooms of the house??


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