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Mountain Dew May Be Releasing A Gingerbread Flavor Just In Time For The Holidays

It’s never a disappointment when Mountain Dew announces a new beverage flavor.

What’s even better than a new flavor introduction, is a flavor that is holiday themed.

Pictures on Reddit have been circling the social media news page and the new beverage looks quite interesting; better yet, it’s got some Christmas spirit too!

PepsiCo is supposedly releasing a new soda called “Mountain Dew Snap’d” and it’s just what you think. This new drink involves a gingerbread twist for the upcoming Christmas holiday season.

@TigersFan1872 posted the photos of the new drink and it quickly went viral. Many soda fans had numerous theories on what this new flavor could possibly taste like, based on the appearance of the drink.

Whatever the flavor might be, the packaging has sold me enough already to try the drink when it releases and according to the Reddit page, it should arrive in December of next year.

Courtesy of @TigersFan1872

I mean c’mon, the gingerbread packing with a snowball fight including the slogan “nice to be naughty”, puts me right in the mood for some holiday cheer.

Plus who knows, PepsiCo might even release the new drink earlier than what we expect.