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You Can Crochet A Zombie Unicorn Just In Time For Halloween

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You have got to check out this Zombie Amigurumi Unicorn Pattern that I just found on Etsy. Gah!


I possess the capability to crochet, but I’ve never taken on anything as freaking adorable as this colorful little hellhound.


You can bet I’m gonna be breaking out the YouTube tutorials, because this is simply too precious to pass up!

Even my angsty teen who cringes at the thought of owning a unicorn (even though she LOVED them just last year *eye roll emoji*) would flip her angry little lid over this sweet little demon unicorn.


Now, it’s important to note that this is a pattern, not an actual completed zombie unicorn amigurumi doll.

But, keep reading to find out how to purchase it as a completed project!


The crochet skill level needed to complete this bad boy is intermediate, but it comes with complete instructions and plenty of “very detailed” pictures.


To complete the project you will need a 1.5 mm hook (US steel hook 2), about 20 inches of wire, a sewing and tapestry needle, soft stuffing, red and black embroidery thread, and yarn — plenty of yarn.

If you want this little guy to look just like the pattern, pick up some green, magenta, orange, red, blue, and white yarn. But you can get creative, and really choose any colors you’d like!

When he (or she, I’m not here to judge) is finished, the completed doll will be about 9.5 inches tall.


The best way to purchase this pattern is with a PayPal echeck. Once your payment clears, you will receive the downloadable pattern.

The pattern is just 8 bucks, and you can use it over and over again.


To view [the] PDF pattern some people may need to install the FREE download “Adobe Acrobat Reader” program on their computer.


You should also know that this pattern does not include the directions for the accessories that are pictured in the photo (pumpkin, lollipops, etc).


Now, if you are an ADVANCED crocheter, you can adjust this pattern with some stitches you might know that will make it just a bit easier, but it’s written so even an intermediate crafter can complete it.

You can pick up your own Zombie Unicorn Pattern on the dsMouseBears shop on Etsy.


If you are afraid to tackle this pattern, the owner of this Etsy shop, dsMouseBears, would be happy to MAKE you one. Just shoot her a message, and she’ll quote you a price.


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