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Amazon Prime Day 2020 Is Coming. Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

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We were all super bummed when Amazon postponed their Prime Day in July, of course, thanks to that dang coronavirus.

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But, Black Friday Deals are coming early this year, because according to TechRepublic.com, Amazon Prime Day is now going to occur on October 13th at midnight. It will end October 14th at midnight, so you have to be fast fast fast!

Prime Members look forward to this two-day event every year, because there are so many freaking fantastic deals — I CAN’T WAIT!!

This is totally going to start off the Holiday Shopping season with a bang!!

Who is eligible to shop of Amazon Prime Day deals?

ANY Amazon Prime Member can take full advantage of the crazy good deals that they will post during the shopping event! If you aren’t already a Prime member — stop what you are doing, and go sign up.

What kind of deals can I expect on Amazon Prime Day?

According to GameSpot.com, there are four different kinds of deals, and you should get your typing fingers ready for ALL of them, because they are amazing and they go FAST!

  • Early Access or Countdown deals — They usually showcase these before the actual Prime Day event, and it is just to tease us with what is to come!
  • Spotlight Deals — These are deals that run for 24 hours — but the items go QUICKLY — and they may occur during the days leading up to the event, or on the days of the actual event, itself.
  • Lightning Deals — These are the deals you have to be FAST on. They are my favorites, but the stuff sells out in minutes! Lightning Deals are for a limited time, with limited stock, and you have to check on them FREQUENTLY. I use the Amazon app on my phone to stay connected to what’s happening. You can get a sneak peak into what deals are going to take place by going to the Today’s Deals section of the site. It will tell you what is upcoming.
  • Prime Day Exclusive Deals — These deals usually run the entire course of the two-day event. You need to be careful, though. Like the other deals, these may sell out. If you like the deal, GET IT. It may not be there when you think about it, and come back.

So, circle October 13th on your calendar in BIG red letters, because you are NOT going to want to miss out on this event!!

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