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The New Starbucks Olive Oil Drink Is Making People Sick And Now I’m Afraid To Try It

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As we already told you, Starbucks just came out with a new drink, and it’s a bit unusual.

I’ll admit, I’ve been afraid to even try it — I can’t even bring myself to think about it.


They are trying to make olive oil in coffee happen, and it just sounds disgusting — to me, at least.

I mean, if it sounds good to you, go right ahead.


But, I will warn you. A lot of people who have tried this new drink — called Starbucks Oleato — are complaining that it is upsetting their stomachs.

This Starbucks Oleato drink — which Starbucks is calling a “Revolutionary New Coffee Ritual” — is infused with Partanna extra virgin olive oil from Sicily.


I mean, I’m all for olive oil. I like it in my hummus, on top of my spaghetti, included in my salad dressing, and on my crusty bread.

But, I’m not too sure if I’m down to have it infused into my morning cup o’ joe.

Starbucks New Olive Oil Coffee Is Making People Have To Poop

Now, people are taking to social media with complaints of stomach issues after trying this olive oil drink.

I’m wondering how many people are going to have happen to them what a few happened to our team.. half the team tried it yesterday and a few ended up — Needing to use the restroom, if ya know what I mean.


Yikes. That makes me even more freaked out to try the olive oil infused coffee!

I mean, I don’t need any help in the pooping department, if you know what I mean!

Coffee is a stimulant for your bowls as it is, but add in olive oil — and it’s just going to make everything slide right out.

For as many people having bowel problems, there are those who think this olive oil drink is fire.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. There are people that regret their life decisions after trying this olive oil coffee.

In addition, people over on TikTok are taste-testing the new drink on camera, and are sharing their thoughts.

Honestly, not too positive…

I mean, look at these images – not appetizing at all. Totally looks like a layer of LARD. Ew.

tiktok.com/@bananashrooms, @tiktok.com/l3hcar

Okay, so if you are brave enough to try the new olive oil Starbucks Oleato drink, I want to know your thoughts.

Is it tasty? Or is it truly no bueno?


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