These Skull Sunflowers Are Bone-Chilling Beautiful and I Need Some For Halloween

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Talk about creativity, this artist/father/business owner, transformed a sunny flower that is the mascot for summer and gave it a spooky makeover.

Mr. Beejay Oslon is the artist behind the simple masterpiece and I only wish these flowers were real, because they would be amazing in the front yard on Halloween night.


He also has an Instagram account, displaying more spooky originals!


The DIY sunflowers are creative, fun, entertaining and most importantly very scary.


Mr. Olson however, did not give out instructions on how to make the DIY project and I get it, a true magician never revels his secrets; so we can only assume he hot glued hollowed out skeleton skulls onto fake sunflowers.


Plus, he didn’t just stop there, along with the DIY skull sunflowers, he added an entire spooky display that looks like a scene taken directly from a Halloween movie.

Here is the display at work!


Apparently, skull sunflowers are a trend and I’m just late to the party. Etsy account @Thatcreepyskullchick is selling her own skull sunflowers with a twist.

Instead of her flowers growing out of the ground, her skull sunflowers are bouquet style with bright orange lights in the inside of the vase to create a Halloween ambience.

Courtesy of @Thatcreepyskullchick

She’s selling her Halloween bouquets for 15 dollars.

Aren’t these just amazing and completely clever? I think they are bone-chilling beautiful and the perfect decor for Halloween!

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