Fudge Covered Dark Chocolate Oreo Cookies Are Coming and I Am So Excited

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Could this possibly be a thing? Please say it’s so! Oreo can do no wrong in my book, and they definitely would have a winner with these.

Chocolate lovers everywhere are clamoring to get their hands on these cookies! Chocolate Fudge Covered CHOCOLATE Oreos might exist, and I definitely need to try them.


We’ve had the Fudge Covered regular Oreos, and they are Totally The Bomb! That velvety fudge covering America’s favorite chocolate sandwich cookie — YUM.


Just try dunking these little guys in milk, hot chocolate, coffee, or WHATEVER. You will love them!! They are totally delicious.


We’ve also had the pleasure of tasting the Dark Chocolate Creme Oreo. I might have downed half a bag while watching The Mandalorian on Disney+ last week.

Courtesy of Amazon

But, imagine these tasty Oreos dipped in delicious fudge. OMG! I can’t even right now.

I will anxiously be watching all my favorite food aisles to see when these drop! I will be the first in line to try these amazing-looking Fudge Covered Oreo cookies.


Have you seen these MOST Stuf Oreos? They are absolutely divine!


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