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Disney Has Reportedly Blocked Johnny Depp From Returning In The Next ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’ Movie

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If Johnny Depp fans weren’t already mad enough as it is, now they’ll really be ticked off. Apparently, there was a report released and Disney is refusing to even think about Johnny Depp appearing in a cameo for the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie.


I’ve always been a fan of Johnny Depp, I mean as with any actor there are somethings about him that don’t sit right with me. But I can not deny his acting skills and that he is the main part of many of my favorite films.

There’s been a lot of stuff out there lately that is definitely affecting his career and the fans are not having it. They’ve even created petitions over his removal from ‘Fantastic Beasts‘.


Now Disney has the 6th part of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ coming and a report from THR shows that Disney has blocked his return. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer wanted to include Johnny Depp, even if it was just a cameo role.


According to the report Disney doesn’t want to risk damage to its reputation. So I guess that is the end of Johnny Depp as our favorite flamboyant pirate.

Here is part of the extensive report:

Disney had already backed away from a Pirates future with Depp well before the U.K. trial, even if it never formally severed ties. Bruckheimer, who has been one of Depp’s biggest champions and once suggested the finger injury happened because “he got it caught in a car door,” was hoping to at least bring the Captain Jack Sparrow character back briefly in the next outing — said to be a female-centric incarnation fronted by Margot Robbie. Disney balked.


Such a bummer, I love those movies and his character is mostly why I loved them. But, I guess we will never know the entire truth of the personal lives of famous people.


Is this the end of Johnny Depp’s acting career? What are your thoughts? Do you think Tim Burton will still choose him for his films?


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