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Jason Momoa Strips Down To Give A Tour Of His Gym And My Day Is Complete

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Jason Momoa is baring it all once again, and MY GOD, that man looks absolutely delicious.

My future husband — ‘er — Jason Momoa recently invited Men’s Health into his gym in Aotearoa, New Zealand, to get a look in his fridge and of his workout.

Men’s Health

When Men’s Health showed up at his door, Jason opened it in nothing but a pink robe and a shark-tooth necklace. Literally. That’s all.

I’m not going to say the man is beautiful. But. Good God!

Men’s Health

I didn’t know you were coming. I woulda got dressed up if I knew.

Jason Momoa

The Slumberland actor led the Men’s Health cameras around, giving a peek inside his fridge — which contained a LOT of water, beer, more beer, liquor, film, kava juice, and quite a bit of pork.

Men’s Health

And, according to Jason, most importantly, poi (a starchy Polynesian food paste made from the taro root).

Jason also had jokes.

He joked that he likes to sit in his gym, and move the things around with his mind. LOL!

Men’s Health

Of course, that’s not entirely true. We get a few shots of his super hot bod lifting some barbells. Mmmmm. Muscles for days.

In case you’re wondering what his favorite piece of workout equipment is, he loves the kettlebell.

Men’s Health

Kettlebells have been really huge in my life, and I try to travel with kettlebells. It’s helped me with my core, and just like fighting and doing stunts.

Jason Momoa

He also loves rock climbing and riding bikes.

Cue gratuitous shots of naked Momoa jumping around on his mountain bike — and a few glorious shots of his butt.

Men’s Health

My day is complete.

You can get a look inside Jason Momoa’s gym, fridge, and naked bod HERE.

Men’s Health

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