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People Are Going Crazy Over This Lady Gaga Doppelganger At The Olympics

Whether you love Lady Gag or not, we can probably all agree that she has a unique look!

Yet, all over the world, Lady Gaga doppelgangers are being spotted and it is blowing everyone’s minds!

Fans are taking to Twitter, showing off their finds of Lady Gag doppelgängers and it has everyone confused. Take for instance the dentist above!

A Russian judge was also found looking SPOT ON like Gaga. She’s even been found on a face mask ad!

How on earth are there these many people that look like Lady Gaga!?!

The most recent find is at the Olympics, which is currently going on. Fans are so confused as to why Lady Gaga is ‘”competing”!

If this is actually Lady Gaga playing a joke on all of us, kudos to her! But it looks like her unique look is being shared by more than one person these days!