Alicia Keys Performed During The Super Bowl But People Seemed to Only Notice Her Raspy Voice

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If you watched the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime show you saw Usher do his thing. You likely also saw Alicia Keys perform.

At first, the crowd seemed excited to see Alicia perform but quickly realized that her singing was not on point.

From the beginning of her performance, her voice seemed raspy and out of tune and people did not forgive that.

While her and Usher had total chemistry on stage, her hoarse voice was hard to overlook.

People all over social media were saying things like:

Y’all are going IN on Alicia. I mean…it was terrible but I was trying to overlook it & move on. I knew better than to look on social media right after

Krystle Allen

Alicia (Off)Keys

Pleasure Prince

She wasn’t ready #AliciaKeys


Now, there is a million reasons why her voice could have been off pitch. I mean, maybe she was sick.

Alicia is still a great performer and we will give her a pass for this one. She also looked FIRE during her performance so there’s that.

Side note- Seriously, does her and Usher not look like they could be a couple? Total chemistry!

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