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Usher Took off His Shirt During His Super Bowl Performance and Now My Ovaries Hurt

Y’all did you catch Usher’s performance during the Super Bowl LVIII half time show? It was a total vibe.

If you grew up listening to Usher, Ludacris, Little John and Alicia Keys, this was a total nostalgic performance.

The energy Usher gives during his performances is incredible and has everyone wanting to get up to dance.

I want to say the real highlight of the performance was when Usher went shirtless – UM Hello! My ovaries hurt.

But he truly pulled out all the stops during his last song performance. Ludacris and Little John helped him perform “Yeah” and YEAH it was great.

The song had the crowd going WILD and how could it not?

The performance was so good, people all over social media are saying they now want to see Usher perform in concert and are planning to buy concert tickets.

So, what do you think? Was that a good Half Time performance?