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JoJo Siwa Will Be Paired With A Female Dance Partner On Dancing With The Stars

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I think I will finally watch Dancing With The Stars.

News just broke that JoJo Siwa Will Be Paired With A Female Coach On Dancing With The Stars and I am so excited for her!

She is literally making history!

Now, if you don’t know, JoJo Siwa came out last year admitting she was in fact gay and had a girlfriend. Since then, she has been such an inspiration to others.

Well, now she is in fact making history because she will be the first female contestant to be paired with a female dancing coach rather than the traditional female/male dancing duo.

ABC announced via social media on Thursday and during its TCA presentation to the press. JoJo Siwa will be partnered with a female pro, who will be announced during premiere night.

“I am so excited about this. I think a lot of people are going to be excited about this,” host Tyra Banks exclaimed during the presentation. “I think it’s going to save lives. It’s going to change lives. It’s going to make a lot of noise and the noise that needs to be made.”

“For the first time ever, we’re going to have a same-sex couple on the show,” executive producer Andrew Llinares revealed. “JoJo is going to be paired with a female pro dancer, who will be revealed on the premiere. We are so, so excited that JoJo, you’re doing this, and for everyone to experience it.”

I am so excited for her and what is to come! Season 30 of DWTS kicks off Monday, Sept. 20 on ABC. In the meantime, hear more in the video below.

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