Keebler Just Released Fudge Stripes Strawberry Shortcake Cookies and I Need Them

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Every single year for my birthday I have Strawberry Shortcake. Not exaggerating at all. It is my favorite!

Good thing it’s time for me to restock the groceries! That gives me a chance to get out and look for the new Keebler Fudge Stripes Strawberry Shortcake cookies!

The packaging is labeled as “Special Batch”, which makes me think it will be a limited edition product. Why Keebler? Can’t we have strawberry shortcake goodness year-round? Sweet little crazy elves…–WR1mhkPz/

So far they have been spotted at Walmart according to people on Instagram. It isn’t even listed on the Keebler site yet so we can’t check on where it is available.

Keebler had a Fudge Stripes Strawberry Cheesecake variety back in 2017, that was delicious! I hope this blows even that away! I mean it is my favorite flavor after all!

For now, check your local Walmart to see if you can find these. I know I am about to go hunting for them!

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