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This ‘Mac on Tap’ Machine Allows You To Put Mac and Cheese On Everything and Now My Life Is Complete

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Stouffer’s is a brand I have known about and eaten since I was a child. They have been around forever (1924), and that has to tell you they have good stuff!

My favorite Stouffer’s product is the Vegetable Lasagna! My oldest daughter and I buy the family size portion for ourselves and can eat it for every meal until it is gone.


Well, they’ve gone and done something amazing! Something cool that has never been done before! It is called “Mac on Tap” and you won’t believe your eyes!


The “Mac on Tap,” is a dispenser that really dispenses the creamy, cheesy goodness of Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese! Y’all, you can have Mac and Cheese straight from the tap! This must be the best thing to happen in 2020!


All that you need to do is pull the lever and fill your bowl up to enjoy a bowl full of homestyle, comfort food! Is this amazing or what?

Heck, skip the bowl altogether, and just dispense it on to your other favorite foods! Top a slice of pizza, a hot dog, or even french fries! Ohhh, maybe a baked potato?

They haven’t decided when to release it and they are asking for your help!

Stouffer’s is asking fans when they would like to see the “Mac on Tap” come to life. They want you to tweet @stouffers with your ideas for a home for the tap.

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