Move Over Starbucks, Dunkin’ Will Now Offer Sweet Cold Foam For Their Coffee

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Whether you want to spend as much money as you do at Starbucks, the popular coffee chain’s sweet cream cold foam is undeniably addicting.

Like always, Dunkin’ and Starbucks are continually racing to be the best coffee chain and now, Dunkin’ has figured out how to possibly win that ongoing race.

Dunkin’ is introducing their very own line of sweet cold foam, similar to Starbucks and better yet, they’re dropping the cold foam this month!


Starting February 24th, you will now be able to add sweet cold foam on the top of any iced coffee, cold brew, iced tea, iced espresso, Matcha Iced Latte or even the famous Chai Latte.


Dunkin’s new sweet cold foam is described as a creamy and velvety smooth texture that can also be used as a diary substitute.. don’t mind if I do.


It’s about time Dunkin’ has climbed out of their rock and hopped on the sweet cold foam wagon because if you haven’t noticed, the sweet topping has taken the world by storm ever since it went viral on TikTok.

It looks like Starbucks is typing in the chat…


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  1. I watched them today, this foam is in a can and is made by Redi Whip. What a disappointment, putting crap on my coffee that I can buy at walmart, and advertising it as the same stuff starbucks makes!

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