You Can Get ‘Friends’ Cereal That Is Based On Chandler and My Mornings Just Got Better

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I would consider myself a FRIENDS fan. I have seen every episode. I know all the key iconic lines. I can sing the theme song in my sleep.

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Even as much as I LOVE the series, I don’t own a FRIENDS cereal. I didn’t even know such a thing existed — but it does!
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Can I tell you a secret. I got married on the night of the premier of the last season. We had to have a TV in the Bride’s dressing room, so I could watch what happened while I got dressed. That’s not dedication — that’s just a bit of obsession.

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I guarantee you, if this cereal had been a ‘thing’ back then, I would have had bowls of the stuff to munch on, in between the grapes and finger sandwiches in the dressing room!

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This particular cereal is AWESOME, because it’s centered around my FAVORITE character in the show — CHANDLER.

Complete with Chandler’s famous Flock of Seagulls inspired hair from the iconic — and my favorite — Thanksgiving episode, this box is pretty awesome. It’s definitely one for all the collectors!

I’m going to be honest with you. There is a FUNKO Chandler Bing character inside the box — so there will be no collecting of the box for me. I need that mini Chandler character.

I mean, for REAL. Just look at the awesomeness! I must own it!

If you want to actually EAT the cereal, it is made of multigrain Os. According to the Box Lunch website, the description of this cereal is “Sugar, Contains gluten, (is) produced in a facility that also uses soy, dairy, and tree nuts (and it’s) Made in the U.S.A.“ 

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Not a whole lot of information to go off of there, but — hey — who cares! It’s Chandler!

Want some super fantabulous news? The Chandler box of FRIENDS cereal is only $5 right now. WHAT?!? You can get it (I’m pretty sure EXCLUSIVELY) HERE.

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