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Turns Out, Not Everyone Has An Internal Monologue And My Mind is Blown

I’m sorry, what? I’m confused. I thought this was a joke when I heard it.

Apparently, some people don’t have an internal monologue. I mean, some people don’t talk to themselves in their heads. WHAT?!?

This is a thing?

I spend all day internally talking to myself — and externally, if I’m honest. Like, I’d consider myself my own best friend. Ha!

But, it turns out, some people think in more abstract thoughts.

@RyanLangdon_, from Inside My Mind, did a little experiment of sorts. He asked all his friends how they think. Like, how do they have those internal conversations with themselves.

The results blew my mind just a little bit. As in — my mind is reeling from the results.

Of the 91 people that he polled, a whopping 18 did not actually talk to themselves — like in complete sentences — in their heads.

I would tell them that I could look at myself in the mirror and have a full blown telepathic conversation with myself without opening my mouth and they responded as if I had schizophrenia. One person even mentioned that when they do voice overs in movies of people’s thoughts, they “wished that it was real.”


My question is, How Do You Weirdos Think? I joke. You’re not really weird. You’re just different. Like, REALLY different.

I have so many questions right now. Like, do you think in pictures? Maybe colors? What else is there? Like, you don’t think in ANY words?

My head, literally hurts from trying to figure this out. My mind is going a million miles an hour wondering how your head DOESN’T go a million miles an hour.

Someone, please enlighten me. I must know! How does this even work?