This Bride’s Best Friend Surprised Her With A Chicken Nugget Bouquet

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If you’re getting a married, and your new last name is Tyson, why WOULDN’T you have a Tyson Chicken Tender bouquet?!?

That’s what this bride’s Best Maid thought, anyway.

In her toast to her newly-married best friend, she presented her with a bouquet made of the delicious chicken treats by Tyson.

How ingenious was this best friend!

She even contacted the Tyson company beforehand, and got them to get in on the surprise — which they happily did.

These lucky Tysons get a year’s supply of the tasty Tyson treats!

Obviously, the bride was more excited about the surprise than her new husband.

But, at the end of the day, everyone had a great time, and they have one HILARIOUS memory and story to tell about their wedding!

Want to get some of your own Tyson delights? They have Pizza Chicken Nuggets. I know what’s for dinner tonight!!

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