Sour Patch Marshmallows Are Here And They Are Oh-So-Good!

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Sour Patch Kids Marshmallows are here, and my world just changed.

I love the sour — then sweet — candy more than just about any other candy. My kids would agree!

We saw these at Walmart, and the kiddos nearly FREAKED OUT! They immediately begged me to make crisped rice squares using these colorful little dudes.

These are actually a marshmallow center, covered in that Sour Patch sugar that makes them oh-so-good.

They are both parent and kid approved, and are DELICIOUS!!

You get about 24 of the big guys in each package, and they will cost you about $3. SO WORTH IT! You NEED these in your life.

We haven’t tried these as S’Mores or on top of hot chocolate yet, but that’s coming soon!! They are too good NOT to try!!

If you can’t find these in your local store, they are available from Amazon. Don’t forget, Prime members get FREE delivery!


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