You Can Now Get Pillsbury Cookies Stuffed with Lucky Charms Marshmallows

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My favorite cereal has to be Lucky Charms. We ALWAYS have a box of this Magically Delicious cereal at the house, because — um — it’s LUCKY CHARMS!

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I also love cookies — duh! Who doesn’t?!? Now, I can get Pillsbury Sugar Cookies with the rainbowy marshmallow goodness of the Lucky Charms I love.

What genius came up with this magical mix — and what took them so long?

Each package comes with twelve cookies — so I’ll need about 5 packs — and are they are here for a limited time. So maybe I’ll need about 8 packs!

As with all Pillsbury Ready Bake Cookies, you shouldn’t eat the raw cookie dough — unless you go rogue like I do, and eat half the package before the cookies make it to the oven. I didn’t say I was proud of it. It’s just who I am.

Via Walmart

You can get your limited edition Lucky Charms Pillsbury cookies right at your local Walmart. As you can imagine, they are going SO fast! You’ll want to get there pretty quickly to pile your cart high with these tasty cookies!

Via Walmart

Did you know that you can buy an eight-pound bag of rainbowy cereal marshmallows? It’s true! Go them out on Amazon!

Via Amazon

You can also get these other Ready Bake Christmas Pillsbury Cookies at Walmart. It’s time to get your Christmas baking on!

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