Cupcake’s Canned Wine Contains Half a Bottle Each, Moms Everywhere Need Them

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Calling all Moms (or anyone) who loves wine!!!

Cupcake Vineyards has just introduced their canned wine in Rosé and Sauvignon Blanc. This is to celebrate their fifth year as the official wine of Coachella music festival.

Didn’t make it to Coachella? Never fear! This delicious canned wine can now be found in stores everywhere.

Canned wine sometimes gets a bad wrap, but just try it! This takes your outdoor summertime fun to a whole new level. They have perfectly portioned each can to a 2.5 serving, which is HALF A BOTTLE OF WINE per can!

Portable, fresh, and perfect for that summertime picnic, lake time, day at the beach, or wedding shower. They have even packaged these in beautiful cans of rose color or summer-yellow color.


Canned wine is this year’s fancy boxed wine. It’s so convenient, and tastes so crisp and good. The Sauvignon Blanc (the yellow can) comes from a vineyard in South New Zealand. It plays on the flavor of lemons, white nectarines, key limes, grapefruit, and gooseberries. You’ll love this wine if you prefer bright, citrusy wines.

The Rosé (the rose-colored can) comes from a vineyard along the California coastline. It combines the taste of juicy strawberries and summer watermelon with white nectarines and raspberries. You’ll love this wine if you prefer the crisp taste of berries and summer.

I love that these canned wines are so portable, convenient, and more spill-proof than their bottle counterparts. You could pack a cooler of these beauties to class up any event from a fun day at the lake to a summertime baseball game!

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You have to try one of each flavor. I was so surprised by how fresh and aerated these cans keep the wine.

Citrus or berry, it’s hard to choose a favorite. Thanks to the geniuses at Cupcake Vineyards, we don’t have to choose a favorite. We are free to enjoy both cans responsibly.

These cans are also fast and easy to use with fun summertime drink recipes.

Let us know which one is your favorite!

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  1. Do you know where in South Mississippi I can find the can wine?

  2. This needs to be made in the Moscato d’ Asti PLEASE!!!

  3. This article about cupcake wine that says…every mom needs them?!! Wow how irresponsible is that! Did you not realize that middle aged women are becoming the number one age group who are having addiction issues and are suffering from alcoholism? This is serious, people are dying regularly as a result of alcohol. It’s also incredibly presumptuous to assume all mom’s need booze to be a mom?! What a social cliche that again is dangerous to support! I work with people in rehabs…I am well aware of this growing issue, I’m also a new mom.

    1. If society didn’t put such a heavy responsibility & expectation on women as a whole we wouldn’t need the brief respite of escape we feel while intoxicated that allows us to finally breathe a sigh of release & except the fact we will never be what society demands us to be & realize we are absolutely incredibly amazing just the way we are! Let’s raise a Cupcake toast to women & moms everywhere!!

    2. I can understand how you feel, I was that back in my days, the young mom in her middle 20’s drinking away from my kids running the bars trying to escape what had hurt and held me down.
      But would you have been upset if it had said just women in general and not mom’s? Or are ads about smoking offensive as well? I don’t smoke, but the ads don’t bother me, I rarely drink, maybe once a year and a wine cooler, but these ads don’t bother me. What does are people who think that this pushes an already underlying issue that people have. You can’t stop people from advertising, you can’t stop someone from picking up that one to many drink, that cigarette Etc. but you can educate your children, explain to your friends at coming up parties and gatherings your beliefs of not wanting to drink and taking your own non alcoholic drink with you.
      Yes I have children grown, and now grandchildren who understand we have the alcoholic gene and they MUST stay away from the stuff, educate at home first then spread it outwards to those around you whom need to know your wishes, and pray for the rest. You can not stop what the world has going, but you can change what is at home first.

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