This Wine Glass Keeps Your Drink Cold All Day, And You Need It This Summer

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Wine glasses that actually keep my wine at optimal drinking temperature? Yes, please!

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This ingenious invention can be found on, and is a MUST for my next girls’ night (or, let’s be honest, Monday).

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The Host company brings us these Wine FREEZE Cooling Cups. They are available in 8 different awesome colors, and they’re so stinking chic and cute!

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They can be used for your red wines OR your white wines! Don’t forget blush wines and champagne.

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For reds, you just store the empty cups in the refrigerator for 2 hours. claims this will keep your red wine at “perfect cellar temperature” of 58° to 60°.

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For white wines, you store the cups in the freezer for 2 hours. This keeps your white wine chilled at the optimal temperature of 43° to 53° for hours.


Each glass is BPA free, and contains a proprietary cooling gel inside the plastic walls of the glass.

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On the outside of the glass is an insulated plastic band that will protect your hand from the cooling properties of this glass of awesomeness.

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The reviews only make me want to get a set more!


And, this one from crly_wajhn has a great tip on freezing them upside down!

I’m getting a set of the purple before they sell out! Which color are you going to get?

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